General Firearms Sales

All firearms, magazines, receivers and restricted law enforcement items are sold and shipped in accordance with all existing federal, state and local laws and regulations. Many of the firearms, magazines and parts for sale on this website may be restricted or prohibited in your area. Please check your local and state regulations before ordering.

Used Guns

We Buy and sell used firearms, and have a wide selection available for purchase. Please bring your firearm in to be appraised and we will offer you a fair price. We also accept trade-ins towards the purchase of a new gun.

Long Gun and Handgun Transfers

Currently we accept long gun and handgun transfers from Federal Firearms Licensed(FFL) Dealers in all 50 states. Incoming transfers - $55

Club Membership

Membership dues are $450.00 for the first year. You will be instructed in basic firearms safety and  marksmanship using the best firearms, such as Glock, Smith and Wesson, Beretta, Walther, Colt, Sig-Sauer; etc. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of each training phase. Membership dues are reduced to $150.00 for renewal. Please inquire about our waiting list to join.